Day 1: Beltheor

I cant writ very well, but ill try hard. I met my new friends today. I think they will be very gud. I dun know what to think ‘bout the ranger, he wasn’t there. That Monk, what was his name? Kitten sumthin… anyways this monk seems to be holy like me. we will make a gud team. That elf wizard is odd, i’ve never seen a real elf before. She’s a damn looker though, if I wasn’t a priest I’d be on her like the the gals from home in Durn. I think those looks will help if we need to charm any men. That sneaky bastard looks too sneaky, but I think he has a gud heart. Hopefully I’m rite. I did see him eye that elfen though, they better not do the beast with two backs while I’m around.



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