Day 1

On day one, we all met despite our ranger’s absence. It was here that while waiting for our final member to arrive, we took out our computers and bravely quested where few had before. Despite the occasional death, we were able to defeat over 200 kobolds and a troglodyte. Some time later our final member arrived, and we debated over who would take on the responsibility of the rogue. Using my superior charisma skills, I was able to deftly negotiate my way out, and settled on the monk class. Giles stepped up and took on the responsibility of our trap finder. It was then that we began to expertly craft our personal adventurers. Thought my monk has considerably less charisma than I do personally (my score is over 20, obviously), he still should be a vital member to our team. Along with him, we’ve a wizard, rogue, and cleric. A ranger should be joining us shortly, though we know nothing of him. We then took a break to feast on dough covered with cheese and various toppings. It was here that we began to think about names. I was almost a Kittenstouch, but thought Dewshining had a better ring to it. Due to a random generator, our wizard was almost named Neega Ilphukerr. It is unfortunate that we could not come to terms with this title. Here we also discussed our various roles and the pros and cons of our classes. After we finished dining, we continued to craft our characters and completed them after some time. It was then that we proceeded to the great website of Youtube to watch funny videos on the internet until we had to leave.


This is a marvelous adventure log. Fortunately I have kept the family name of ‘Ilphukhr’, and the ranger and I will be meeting tonight to build his character or something like that.

Day 1

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