Phaidan's Log #1

I figured I should probably keep a log of my various adventures while on this pilgrimage. I’ve known of other monks who have done the same, and although our monastery won’t allow us to keep it on location, many places of knowledge actively seek this sort of thing. Or at least, that’s what I gather.

Things really began when I awoke on a caravan. I had been walking through a city that seemed abandoned. Buildings were not touched, and everything seemed as normal as it could be. I was exploring some of the empty houses when I was promptly hit on the back of the head, knocking me out. I should have seen this coming. One should be aware of all aspects of the world around them. But I suppose in a way it is good that I was captured. When my eyes finally opened, I saw other people around me, as well as hundreds of undead leading us. I kept to myself, but looked over who I was with. It seems a rogue, cleric, wizard, and ranger were with me on this particular cart. I was glad to see that only my hands were bound, and quickly made short work of the rope, silently unbinding myself. After I did this, I sat and listened, as I normally do. After about 20 minutes, the caravan was attacked. In the flurry of battle, I jumped up and untied the rest of the group. Apparently the rogue had untied himself as well, which was impressive to say the least. The cleric’s bindings were particularly tricky, and truth be told everybody was not untied until the battle had already passed.

After our cart was opened, by a soldier named Picket, we were told that this group of soldiers frequently raided undead caravans in this area. We were lead to a camp nearby where we were told we’d have to be questioned by the commanding Sergeant. While waiting in the long line of refugees, the party introduced themselves. Ethett was the ranger. Anastrianna was our wizard. Her husband was Dugor, the rogue. And finally, Beltheor was our resident cleric.

During my interview, I was told that the World’s Ministry, an organization seeking to rid the world of undead no matter the consequences, frequently had spies in the camp. He wanted to be sure I was not among them. I told him only what he wanted to hear before returning to where I would be sleeping for the night. Before heading down, I wandered and tried to gather what information I could. Coming up empty handed, I decided to fall asleep for the night.

When we all awoke the next day, we ate what we could and were told that we’d be traveling to Retens. Also, the party would have to be the rear guard on the journey, as the actual guard was short men. Nothing out of the ordinary happened on the journey.

Upon arriving in Retens, we were told to go to army command, and talk to a high ranking officer. We were told that we must go assist the town of Bedon, as there was intelligence undead would be attacking soon. So we were left to prepare. I went to the University of Magic to try and figure out what I could. I sat in on a class and met a professor, Minore, who told me what he knew of the city. I then visited the library and tried to gather what I could. I gained a rubbing of an old scroll giving some general information, but I didn’t find much other than rumors of cultists.

When I returned to the tavern, I discovered that we had been given another quest to accomplish. On the way to Bedon, in the town of Boitell, a man’s son had been wrongfully imprisoned. We were told to go and release him if possible. It was decided that we would go here, but could not spend an enormous amount of time as we only had a few days to reach Bedon. We would be leaving in the morning.

Upon arrival, it became apparent I’d have to be doing a lot more talking than I was comfortable with. My party seems…. Incapable of carrying intelligent conversation. After Ethett imposed a death threat upon a guard, we were denied access and decided to once again go our separate ways and work as well as we could. I seem to work better on my own anyway. At least when it comes to interactions. I decided to investigate the reports of cultists, and managed to track down an older member of the city guard. I discovered that the cultists had been pushed back long ago, and reportedly had been wiped out. Beyond that, the guard could remember nothing. Almost a waste of time, but I refused to drop this cultist thing.

Finally, we were able to bride our way into the jail to talk to Misoul. I stayed back and watched from afar as my party discovered he was seemingly innocent. We were told to investigate the merchant he worked for, but upon arriving at the house there was no answer. We decided to give up for the night and head back to Prolin Tag’s house.

When we arrived, we saw that it was on fire. Somebody had known we were asking questions, and apparently did not like it. We managed to get Prolin out before the fire completely burned the house down, and camped nearby. I was awoken in the middle of the night by our wizard, being told that we were under attack by what seemed to be cultists. I knew I was right. We returned to the city with the cultist in hand and told the mayor what was happening. We were given a guard to assist in taking down the cultists.

After a battle ensued, we managed to capture one of the cultists. He told us where we could find the base of operations and that they had captured the mayor’s daughter. Anastrianna and I disguised ourselves and infiltrated the cultists den, attempting to stop them from sacrificing June. We arrived just in time, and Anastrianna stunned the majority with a blinding color spray. Magic still amazes me in many ways. I’ve not seen much. I retreated to the den entrance and told everyone to enter and fight. A huge battle ensued, and I was actually able to kill a few. It felt good to really be fighting against something other than targets. A person reacts differently. I also hadn’t had time to stretch recently, so this was a good workout. Although, I did come dangerously close to death. But our cleric healed me. I’m glad I stabilized him earlier when he was near death. Now the question remains: Is June alive?



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