Stabby-Stabby Cut-Cut, AKA 'How would you feel if you died'

After many days travelling in the slave carriage to Dromoss, Dugor and I were finally freed. A force out of Retens attacked the caravan, slaying all of the undead guarding it. Once we were free, Dugor and I introduced ourselves to the other members of our carriage, Beltheor, Ethett, and Phaidan. A sergeant questioned us about how we came to be in the caravan to ensure we weren’t spies. We then marched as a group back to Retens and served as a rear-guard for the caravan.

Upon arriving in Retens, we were given the mission of travelling to the town of Bedon and assisting them against an imminent undead assault. However, before we left, Dugor met a homeless beggar named Cyren, and offered to buy him a drink. After listening to Cyren’s story, Dugor and Cyren were verbally accosted by a man who informed them his son had been convicted of kidnapping and murdering the mayor of their town’s daughter, June, and he was to be executed. Once the rest of the group arrived at the tavern where Dugor, Cyren and this man were talking, Ethett convinced him not to give up hope, for we would travel to his home and help prove his son’s innocence. Phaidan went to the University of Magic where I lived for many years, and asked around for information about the town, Buatel. He learned that a few years ago there had been a cult of Nerull, but that they had been eradicated to everyone’s knowledge.

When we arrived in Buatel, we ventured to the city hall where the man’s son, Misorel, was being held. Things were going fine as we asked the guard a few questions, until he refused us entrance, and Ethett promptly asked him ‘HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOU DIED??’. After that, things naturally didn’t go so well. We spent the afternoon gathering information from townspeople, but everyone was largely suspicious of ‘outsiders’ and we only found out that almost everyone believed that Misorel was guilty, and the cultists’ hideout was somewhere north of the town.

At this point, the group split up to investigate more. Phaidan stayed in town to look for a guard who had been on the force that rooted out the cultists, and the rest of the group ventured into the woods to look for the cultists hideout. Somewhat north of the town, the group encountered 3 shacks in a small clearing. One of them was occupied by a surly man who offered no information on the cultists, but the other two offered neither people to question, nor clues inside. Since it was getting dark, the group headed back to town.

While we had been in the woods, Phaidan went to the tavern and talked with an old man who had formerly been a guard during the cultists event. Unfortunately, this man was unable to remember anything about the cultists, or where their hideout was.

Once everyone regrouped, we again split up. I went to Misorel’s father’s house to find a description of either Misorel or June so I could disguise myself as one of them. While I was with Misorel’s father, Ethett returned to the tavern to confront the guard he threatened and offer his apology. After hearing an in depth description of Misorel, I joined the others back at the town hall, where we tried to gain entry through the second shift of guards. Fortunately, we were able to bribe our way into the jail and talk to Misorel. Beltheor cast zone of truth, and we learned that Misorel thought he had been framed for the murder. He also mentioned that his former boss, the town merchant, was a horrible person. We went to the merchant’s house, but he did not answer, because it was night. So, we ventured towards Misorel’s father’s house to sleep for the night.

Before we could reach the house, we saw four men outside who lit torches and and threw them into the house. We ran towards the house, but by the time we got there, it was fully engulfed in flames. We yelled to Misorel’s father, and he climbed down a rope we had thrown up. After saving Misorel’s father, we set up a tent for the night and set up watches in case the men returned.

After 2 hours while it was my watch, I saw the men trying to sneak up on us from a distance. I promptly roused everyone else, and we readied ourselves for combat. One of the men tried to attack me, but missed fortunately. We formed up outside the tent, and I used color spray to knock out one of them, but it also hit Ethett. Then, two of them attacked Beltheor in quick succession, and he passed out, dying. I used grease to trip up those two, and we quickly dispatched the three conscious men (who we found out were cultists). Phaidan stabilized Beltheor, and we tied up the unconscious cultist to question him.

For about 30 minutes, we grilled him for information, but we found out little. He marked the area of the cultists hideout, and confessed that they had kidnapped June, but we were suspicious of his motives. In the morning, we brought the cultist to the jail and handed him over to the guards. With one of the guards accompanying us, we left to find the cultist hideout and investigate, but not before we arranged for a local cleric to heal out unconscious friend.

We had taken the cultist robes from two of the cultists, so when we arrived at the hideout, Phaidan and I donned the robes, disguised ourselves (I disguised myself magically), and entered the hideout. Inside there were 6 men situated around an altar where June was lying. We told the leader that we had killed the people asking about the cultists, but before we could gather our thoughts, the cultists started shouting ‘STABBY STABBY CUT CUT’ over and over again, and one raised a dagger over June, intending to kill her. I ran behind one, and cast color spray, knocking three of them unconscious.

Phaidan ran outside and got the rest of our group, we began a glorious battle against evil. At this point, I took a backseat in the battle after casting Mage Armor on myself. Ethett brought his great-katana down on a cultists head, killing him immediately, and Phaidan punched another so forcefully that his face broke in half. To everyone’s surprise, the guard turned out to be a cultist in disguise and attacked me. However, they were no match for our might, as foe after foe crumbled under our weapons. After the battle, Beltheor healed Phaidan and June, but June showed no signs of recovery.



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