• Dugor Ilphukhr

    Dugor Ilphukhr

    Has an elf fetish.
  • Ethett Markelas

    Ethett Markelas

    Ethett has brown eyes, long, black hair braided down his back, and fine features not entirely hidden by his tanned and work hardened skin. He is quiet, calculated and sarcastic.
  • Phaidan Dewshining

    Phaidan Dewshining

    Phaidan has fair skin. He has grey, cropped hair with a short ponytail protruding from the back. His face is rough. with some light scruff. A scar is visible on his left cheek just below his eye. He has blue/green eyes that are fairly wide. Despite his r
  • Geifur the Fleet

    Geifur the Fleet

    Male 21 year-old half-orc barbarian. 6'4", 220 ponds, and brutally strong. Chaotic-good alignment.