Anastrianna - 8

When we last left our heroes, they were setting a trap for whatever was kidnapping the citizens of Retens.

Phaidan volunteered to act as bait, and while the rest of us watched from the street, Phaidan waited in the dark alley next to Maynard’s apartment. Soon enough, we heard Phaidan scream, and discovered that the alley was covered in Darkness. As my comrades rushed in to aid Phaidan, I looked on helplessly. When I devoted my studies to Conjuration, I chose to forgo the spells of Evocation as simply creating explosions of varying types of energy is hardly magic. Unfortunately, this leaves me woefully unequipped to combat an enemy who has already engaged one of my allies, and does not care about sight. I fired my crossbow into the fray in desperation, and resolved to visit a magic shop when it became light to see if I could better equip myself for a situation like this.

My friends eventually defeated the creature through brute force alone (it irks me to no end that they continually manage to come out on top when they simply stand around something and poke it over and over). Mustering what I assume was the entirety of his pitiful intellect, Beltheor noticed that the monster was covered in slime, and had left a trail behind it that Ethett could track. We followed the slime up the building, and across a number of rooftops, until it lead down inside a sewer drain.

My friends all seemed rather anxious to dive headlong off of whatever they could, but fortunately they agreed when I suggested we get some rest before entering the sewer.

When I finished my trance, I headed straight to the magic shop. After perusing their wares for a short while, I came upon a scroll of Dispel Magic. “Perfect”, I thought. This would give me the edge I needed to level the playing field when I could not be the first to strike a magical blow. I purchased the scroll, and enough ink to fill three (3) pages of my spellbook, and headed back to my room at the University.

For the next 24 hours I immersed myself in this new spell. It is a truly fascinating spell. Throughout my whole life, I have seen magic spells as purely creationary, that is, adding something new to what already exists. This spell, however, entirely redefines magic. Magic is about balancing the world as we know it. For every Haste there is a Slow. Darkness will always be neutralized by Daylight, and vice-versa. A mage does not truly create, nor does he truly destroy. Each casting of a spell simply adds a little more weight to one side of a scale.

With this new understanding, it dawned upon me how powerful a spell Dispel Magic is. For there is no spell which can undo the destruction of all magic in an area. In a world of checks and balances, Dispel Magic essentially says “I grow weary of your paltry ‘magics’, thus I annihilate them”. I emerged from my studies a changed woman, ready to confront any obstacle. Unfortunately, I knew that none in my company could share in the joy of my discovery, so I made no mention of it.

Apparently, while I was cloistered, all hell had broken loose in Retens. Bodies were appearing in the streets, Phaidan and Beltheor had started a riot and created a band of vigilantes, and Ethett was busy aligning himself with various politicians. In any case, Phaidan and Beltheor demanded that we assist their new band of misfits. According to one of them, some of their greener members had gone missing, and we were tasked with finding them.

Anastrianna - 8

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