House Rules

Game Master Matt’s Hard, But Fair Rules to Promote better DND Sessions.

Certified by Sam Silberstein

1. If you leave the table and you arent back by your turn, you will be skipped without total defense. Time will not be put aside to fill you in. Please try and leave right after your turn so you dont have to ask when you go next.

2. Side conversations are prohibited. If you have a rule question, bring it up during your turn or write it down and ask me during a break. Rule breakers will lose their next 2 turns

3. No Meta-game thinking. If you do (and don’t lie), you will lose 25% of your max health.

4. Absolutely no phones, or other devices at the table. Instant 1d4 days of blindness, no saving throw.

Trying to argue your way out when you have broken a rule will multiply the consequence by 2.
Note: Please do not interrupt the DM, he has a lot to do already.

Game Master Matt is
Hard, but Fair

House Rules

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