The Party

Our party make-up

Cartographer: Ethett
Front man (the guy who talked to people): Beltheor/Situational
General (the guy who makes battle plans): Anastrianna
Scribe: Phaidan
Scout: Dugor (Ethett if woodlands)


Anastrianna: Decipher Script, Knowledge Arcana, Knowledge Religion
Beltheor: Diplomacy, Gather Information, Heal, Intimidate
Dugor: Bluff, Gather Information, Hide, Knowledge Local, Move Silently, Sense Motive, Use Magic Device
Ethett: Handle Animal, Move Silently, Spot, Survival, Swim, Use Rope
Phaidan: Climb, Gather Information, Jump, Listen, Sense Motive


Ethett: Goals: Grow some sort of relationship with an animal as a companion. Destroy the undead threat (deep hatred towards all undead). Learn more about what happened to his mother, and gain vengeance for her death. Eventually become a renowned woods guide in more than just Green-brooke. Find Rein, and deal with him for his treachery.
Proud-2 Envious-1 Gluttony-2 Lust-3 Anger-1 Greed-2 Diligence-3
Lying-Pro Cheating-Con Stealing-Con Killing-Indifferent Authority-Dislike Law-Indifferent Religion-Indifferent

Anastrianna:Goals: Find a wizard mentor. Set up my very own magic item shop. Overthrowing the undead, as they make peacefully spending time studying very difficult. Becoming a powerful wizard, building a keep with an expansive library in which I can research spells, creating my own spells when I’ve retired to my library.

Phaidan: Phaidan gives most people the benefit of the doubt. He respects religious officials for their faith, but thinks most of them ignorant and silly for thinking religion is the answer. He is against lying and cheating, although feels as though certain forms of deception are simply another tool to be used. Authority figures bother Phaidan, as he feels no person is better than another. He shows each person the same amount of respect, and will not go out of his way to “honor” someone of higher stature. He is indifferent about killing. Death intrigues Phaidan, as he wonders what follows. All things die and were meant to die. He feels if we cannot accept this, you are denying yourself one of life’s great truths. Phaidan will follow the law, but feels a strict moral code makes more sense. Structured society is strange and silly in many ways to him. He feels many things are done for unnecessary reasons.

Humble – 2 Kind – 3 Abstinence – 2 Lust – 1 (Though many monks are chaste, Phaidan always felt that the female form is something to behold in many ways. He does not act on it often, but does not consider himself as chaste as the other monks are) Patience – 3 Charity – 2 Diligence – 3

Though Phaidan has come to forgive and move on, he still harbors some hatred towards humankind. Though he doesn’t personally recognize power or authority, he realizes in modern society these roles are apparent. He despises corruption in these places of power.

Phaidan is a very calm person. He can be impulsive at times, but will do his best to regain his composure. Though, the mention of his mother tends to set him off, regardless.

Actual Goals: Phaidan wishes to simply learn. He will do everything in his power to learn about the surrounding world, and will often look for the tiniest of details. He also wishes to bring peace back to the area around Retens. He feels many people have been overlooked since the undead invaded, and corruption is rampant. Finally, he wants to find his mother, or at least what actually happened to her. He still knows nothing other than she disappeared one night, and while he suspects his village, a part of him refuses to believe they could have done such a thing.

Beltheor Goals
Medium: fix the wreck of a temple
long term: spread the word of Pelor (NPC Followers? I would be a happy camper [roleplayer?] if our party ends up like so:

The Party

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