You know, they're schemers.

Anastrianna’s 2nd log

After ridding the hideout of cultists, we noticed that Beltheor and Dugor had somehow been knocked unconscious during the fight, I suspect from the shock of seeing a naked girl stabbed and cut twice. As we began to gather our senses, Phaidan searched the room for hidden clues while Ethett looked for treasure and I tended to June. With a few minutes of studying, I was able to determine that she seemed alive still. At about the same time, Ethett found 25 gold pieces, and Phaidan noticed some strange stones jutting out of, and sunken into, the wall. We retrieved Dugor’s 10 ft pole, and began pushing buttons. We must have chosen correctly, because a small hole opened in the wall to reveal a small metallic cube. None of us had any idea what it was, but after casting Detect Magic, I at least determined that it possessed a magic aura.

Since Beltheor and Dugor were still unconscious, we opted to tie them to the goat and drag them along behind us, as none of us wanted to take the effort to carry them. Phaidan started out the door, but as he did, we heard footsteps running towards us. Ethett and I hid ourselves, while Phaidan donned cultist robes once again, and we waited for whoever it was coming. Within a few moments, and dwarfish man entered the room, took one look at the scattered bodies and Phaidan’s bloodied robe, and fled whilst screaming “CULTISTS”. Phaidan quickly ran after him, and was able to calm him down and inform him of who we really are.

The dwarf, whose name we discovered was Bahlin (though I’m not sure how he spelled it), informed us that Buatel had been overthrown by a cultist coup, and that almost everyone had either been killed, or imprisoned, or had fled. Bahlin begged us to come back to the town and try to see if we could help drive the cultists out, and free the town. Naturally, we assented, and once June clothed herself and Beltheor regained consciousness, we left for Buatel.

After 10-15 minutes of walking, we came upon the outskirts of Buatel. From our place in the forest, we saw that a patrol came around the town hall/jail about every minute. We quickly hatched a plan to subdue the guards and make our way inside the jail. After the patrol rounded the corner, we sprinted (some more quietly than others….) to the building, and waited for them to come around again. Sure enough, they did, and in one fatal blow, Ethett cleaved one of their heads in two (I made sure I asked if they were cultists just before). The other cultist threw down his weapon and fled inside for reinforcements, and we prepared ourselves for battle.

As a group of 4 more cultists came into view, Beltheor let fly a javelin, and struck one of them squarely in the chest. I followed that up with an acid splash to the cultist’s face, and he staggered back. As we engaged in combat with this group, more cultists poured out of the jail and started to form a semi-circle between us and the jail.

Suddenly, the cultists fighting us ran to join their comrades in the circle, and a bugbear sprinted towards us. The bugbear attempted to choke the life out of Ethett, but before it could put its hands around his throat, Ethett sliced it clean in half. Ethett was an unstoppable, katana-wielding god-killer. He dodged every blow from his enemies, and not a one emerged unscathed when he turned his blade against them. However, Ethett’s brutal massacre was soon cut short, when the guard who had goaded us so challenged him to one on one combat. Ethett immediately assented, and the remaining cultists formed a circle for them to fight in.

Ethett remained unmoved by the guard’s threats, but I foresaw a bad outcome. Ethett wore only leather armor, but the guard had not only a full plate, but a shield as well. As the two combatants prepared themselves for a fight to the death, I loaded my crossbow and got ready for the potential fight to come.

The fight started out well for Ethett. The guard, out of pride, let Ethett strike first, and he delivered a powerful blow, staggering the guard. However, Ethett’s good fortune came to an end when, in a rage, the guard threw down his shield, grabbed his sword with two hands, and swiftly dealt a massive blow to Ethett, knocking him out immediately. The guard then ordered his cohorts to round us all up as prisoners, and Beltheor ran to Ethett to heal him back to consciousness.

As the guards started to take hold of my compatriots, I knew that I could not let myself get captured. Without my spellbook, I would be worse than useless, I would be a hindrance to my party’s ability to escape. So, promising that I would return and free them, I fled into the woods to find Bahlin and June.

For the rest of the afternoon, I did nothing but plan my assault. Given that I am a wizard, I knew fighting any number of guards by myself would be a horrible idea. Instead, my best bet would be to draw the guards away or incapacitate them somehow so that I could free everyone. With their numbers, we would stand a much better chance of taking on the guards.

I will recount this next section in mostly the present tense, for simplicity’s sake.

So, how could I ensure that something would cause the guards to leave the jail. I could use Prestidigitation to create some balls of light, or I could cast light on something and use Mage Hand to guide it around, but there’s a strong chance that they wouldn’t be interested, and I would have to be within 10-25 feet, which is far too close for my comfort. I could try to use Disguise Self and Ghost Sound in tandem to create the illusion of the leader riding his horse back to the jail, and order them elsewhere. But I’ve never been able to keep up a Ghost Sound for more than 6 seconds, and I see no reason that would be any different now… Oh! I still have all those flasks of oil with me! I’ll look around the houses in town and find some firewood, surely they have some, and set it up behind the house across from the jail. With a big enough fire, the guards will have to leave to prevent it spreading throughout the town!

But how do I get from the house to the jail without being noticed? I could run straight there, cast Obscuring Mist, and hope that they wouldn’t find me in it, but that sounds much too risky. Perhaps Bahlin could help me by lighting the fire when I give a signal, so that I can stay somewhere else and slip in unnoticed. [At this point I asked Bahlin if he would help, and he said he surely would.] Ok so with Bahlin’s help, here’s what I will do. Dugor’s rope weighs only 5 lbs., easily moved with Mage Hand. I’ll secure the rope to the chimney on top of the jail, and climb up. From there I can bombard the guards at the door with burning oil, which is also the signal for Bahlin. When the fire starts and the other guards come running out, I will cast Obscuring Mist, which will fill the inside of the building, and slip inside. Once inside, I will find my friends and see what I can do to free them. If I encounter resistance before they are free, I have Acid Splash, Mage Hand and my Light rocks, 4 more flasks of oil, and Color Spray; though I’d prefer to save Color Spray for the guards when they return. At 1:00 AM, when I’ve prepared spells, I will strike.

The time comes, and as planned I attach the rope the to chimney, and easily climb up. I look over the edge of the roof, and can see two guards at the door. I take one of the flasks of oil out of my backpack, light it, and drop it on the guards, and to my amazement, they both fall down, dead. However, they still scream in agony as I had planned, and Bahlin lights the fire at the house. At the sounds of the screams, more guards pour out of the building, and I cast Obscuring Mist. Grabbing the rope, I climb down the front of the building under cover of the mist, and slip into the jail unseen.

Once inside, I notice that my spell was more effective than I had thought, as the entire room is full of mist, but I manage to find a door, and open it. This leads down to the jail, where I see four large cells, full of both townspeople and my friends. However, the cells are wrapped with heavy chains and locks, and I have nothing to break them. Beltheor tells me that their equipment is stashed somewhere else in the building, and I leave to find it, but tell them to try and break out in the meantime.

Upstairs, I find another door in the mist filled room, and after listening, can make out voices on the other side. I open the door and find the room occupied by two clerks. I hadn’t expected to find anyone but guards inside, so I was taken aback, and not quite sure what to do. They did not seem enough of a threat to justify using Color Spray, but I had to do something quick. I tried to lie and say that they were needed to put out the fire, but the repeatedly saw through my bluffs. So, without pausing, I cast Mage Hand on one of my rocks, and fire at one of their faces. The man’s face explodes from the impact, and he falls to the ground dead. The other one flees upstairs, but I decide to guard the main entrance from the guards who I expect to return soon, instead of pursuing the clerk.

As I wait, my friends run up from the jail, and join me in the mist filled room. But, before we can gather our senses and make a plan, I hear loud footsteps and shouting coming from the room I just left. I believe this is the leader, which puts us squarely in the middle of what I expect to become two groups of angry, armed, murderous cultists….

Phaidan's Log #1

I figured I should probably keep a log of my various adventures while on this pilgrimage. I’ve known of other monks who have done the same, and although our monastery won’t allow us to keep it on location, many places of knowledge actively seek this sort of thing. Or at least, that’s what I gather.

Things really began when I awoke on a caravan. I had been walking through a city that seemed abandoned. Buildings were not touched, and everything seemed as normal as it could be. I was exploring some of the empty houses when I was promptly hit on the back of the head, knocking me out. I should have seen this coming. One should be aware of all aspects of the world around them. But I suppose in a way it is good that I was captured. When my eyes finally opened, I saw other people around me, as well as hundreds of undead leading us. I kept to myself, but looked over who I was with. It seems a rogue, cleric, wizard, and ranger were with me on this particular cart. I was glad to see that only my hands were bound, and quickly made short work of the rope, silently unbinding myself. After I did this, I sat and listened, as I normally do. After about 20 minutes, the caravan was attacked. In the flurry of battle, I jumped up and untied the rest of the group. Apparently the rogue had untied himself as well, which was impressive to say the least. The cleric’s bindings were particularly tricky, and truth be told everybody was not untied until the battle had already passed.

After our cart was opened, by a soldier named Picket, we were told that this group of soldiers frequently raided undead caravans in this area. We were lead to a camp nearby where we were told we’d have to be questioned by the commanding Sergeant. While waiting in the long line of refugees, the party introduced themselves. Ethett was the ranger. Anastrianna was our wizard. Her husband was Dugor, the rogue. And finally, Beltheor was our resident cleric.

During my interview, I was told that the World’s Ministry, an organization seeking to rid the world of undead no matter the consequences, frequently had spies in the camp. He wanted to be sure I was not among them. I told him only what he wanted to hear before returning to where I would be sleeping for the night. Before heading down, I wandered and tried to gather what information I could. Coming up empty handed, I decided to fall asleep for the night.

When we all awoke the next day, we ate what we could and were told that we’d be traveling to Retens. Also, the party would have to be the rear guard on the journey, as the actual guard was short men. Nothing out of the ordinary happened on the journey.

Upon arriving in Retens, we were told to go to army command, and talk to a high ranking officer. We were told that we must go assist the town of Bedon, as there was intelligence undead would be attacking soon. So we were left to prepare. I went to the University of Magic to try and figure out what I could. I sat in on a class and met a professor, Minore, who told me what he knew of the city. I then visited the library and tried to gather what I could. I gained a rubbing of an old scroll giving some general information, but I didn’t find much other than rumors of cultists.

When I returned to the tavern, I discovered that we had been given another quest to accomplish. On the way to Bedon, in the town of Boitell, a man’s son had been wrongfully imprisoned. We were told to go and release him if possible. It was decided that we would go here, but could not spend an enormous amount of time as we only had a few days to reach Bedon. We would be leaving in the morning.

Upon arrival, it became apparent I’d have to be doing a lot more talking than I was comfortable with. My party seems…. Incapable of carrying intelligent conversation. After Ethett imposed a death threat upon a guard, we were denied access and decided to once again go our separate ways and work as well as we could. I seem to work better on my own anyway. At least when it comes to interactions. I decided to investigate the reports of cultists, and managed to track down an older member of the city guard. I discovered that the cultists had been pushed back long ago, and reportedly had been wiped out. Beyond that, the guard could remember nothing. Almost a waste of time, but I refused to drop this cultist thing.

Finally, we were able to bride our way into the jail to talk to Misoul. I stayed back and watched from afar as my party discovered he was seemingly innocent. We were told to investigate the merchant he worked for, but upon arriving at the house there was no answer. We decided to give up for the night and head back to Prolin Tag’s house.

When we arrived, we saw that it was on fire. Somebody had known we were asking questions, and apparently did not like it. We managed to get Prolin out before the fire completely burned the house down, and camped nearby. I was awoken in the middle of the night by our wizard, being told that we were under attack by what seemed to be cultists. I knew I was right. We returned to the city with the cultist in hand and told the mayor what was happening. We were given a guard to assist in taking down the cultists.

After a battle ensued, we managed to capture one of the cultists. He told us where we could find the base of operations and that they had captured the mayor’s daughter. Anastrianna and I disguised ourselves and infiltrated the cultists den, attempting to stop them from sacrificing June. We arrived just in time, and Anastrianna stunned the majority with a blinding color spray. Magic still amazes me in many ways. I’ve not seen much. I retreated to the den entrance and told everyone to enter and fight. A huge battle ensued, and I was actually able to kill a few. It felt good to really be fighting against something other than targets. A person reacts differently. I also hadn’t had time to stretch recently, so this was a good workout. Although, I did come dangerously close to death. But our cleric healed me. I’m glad I stabilized him earlier when he was near death. Now the question remains: Is June alive?

Stabby-Stabby Cut-Cut, AKA 'How would you feel if you died'

After many days travelling in the slave carriage to Dromoss, Dugor and I were finally freed. A force out of Retens attacked the caravan, slaying all of the undead guarding it. Once we were free, Dugor and I introduced ourselves to the other members of our carriage, Beltheor, Ethett, and Phaidan. A sergeant questioned us about how we came to be in the caravan to ensure we weren’t spies. We then marched as a group back to Retens and served as a rear-guard for the caravan.

Upon arriving in Retens, we were given the mission of travelling to the town of Bedon and assisting them against an imminent undead assault. However, before we left, Dugor met a homeless beggar named Cyren, and offered to buy him a drink. After listening to Cyren’s story, Dugor and Cyren were verbally accosted by a man who informed them his son had been convicted of kidnapping and murdering the mayor of their town’s daughter, June, and he was to be executed. Once the rest of the group arrived at the tavern where Dugor, Cyren and this man were talking, Ethett convinced him not to give up hope, for we would travel to his home and help prove his son’s innocence. Phaidan went to the University of Magic where I lived for many years, and asked around for information about the town, Buatel. He learned that a few years ago there had been a cult of Nerull, but that they had been eradicated to everyone’s knowledge.

When we arrived in Buatel, we ventured to the city hall where the man’s son, Misorel, was being held. Things were going fine as we asked the guard a few questions, until he refused us entrance, and Ethett promptly asked him ‘HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOU DIED??’. After that, things naturally didn’t go so well. We spent the afternoon gathering information from townspeople, but everyone was largely suspicious of ‘outsiders’ and we only found out that almost everyone believed that Misorel was guilty, and the cultists’ hideout was somewhere north of the town.

At this point, the group split up to investigate more. Phaidan stayed in town to look for a guard who had been on the force that rooted out the cultists, and the rest of the group ventured into the woods to look for the cultists hideout. Somewhat north of the town, the group encountered 3 shacks in a small clearing. One of them was occupied by a surly man who offered no information on the cultists, but the other two offered neither people to question, nor clues inside. Since it was getting dark, the group headed back to town.

While we had been in the woods, Phaidan went to the tavern and talked with an old man who had formerly been a guard during the cultists event. Unfortunately, this man was unable to remember anything about the cultists, or where their hideout was.

Once everyone regrouped, we again split up. I went to Misorel’s father’s house to find a description of either Misorel or June so I could disguise myself as one of them. While I was with Misorel’s father, Ethett returned to the tavern to confront the guard he threatened and offer his apology. After hearing an in depth description of Misorel, I joined the others back at the town hall, where we tried to gain entry through the second shift of guards. Fortunately, we were able to bribe our way into the jail and talk to Misorel. Beltheor cast zone of truth, and we learned that Misorel thought he had been framed for the murder. He also mentioned that his former boss, the town merchant, was a horrible person. We went to the merchant’s house, but he did not answer, because it was night. So, we ventured towards Misorel’s father’s house to sleep for the night.

Before we could reach the house, we saw four men outside who lit torches and and threw them into the house. We ran towards the house, but by the time we got there, it was fully engulfed in flames. We yelled to Misorel’s father, and he climbed down a rope we had thrown up. After saving Misorel’s father, we set up a tent for the night and set up watches in case the men returned.

After 2 hours while it was my watch, I saw the men trying to sneak up on us from a distance. I promptly roused everyone else, and we readied ourselves for combat. One of the men tried to attack me, but missed fortunately. We formed up outside the tent, and I used color spray to knock out one of them, but it also hit Ethett. Then, two of them attacked Beltheor in quick succession, and he passed out, dying. I used grease to trip up those two, and we quickly dispatched the three conscious men (who we found out were cultists). Phaidan stabilized Beltheor, and we tied up the unconscious cultist to question him.

For about 30 minutes, we grilled him for information, but we found out little. He marked the area of the cultists hideout, and confessed that they had kidnapped June, but we were suspicious of his motives. In the morning, we brought the cultist to the jail and handed him over to the guards. With one of the guards accompanying us, we left to find the cultist hideout and investigate, but not before we arranged for a local cleric to heal out unconscious friend.

We had taken the cultist robes from two of the cultists, so when we arrived at the hideout, Phaidan and I donned the robes, disguised ourselves (I disguised myself magically), and entered the hideout. Inside there were 6 men situated around an altar where June was lying. We told the leader that we had killed the people asking about the cultists, but before we could gather our thoughts, the cultists started shouting ‘STABBY STABBY CUT CUT’ over and over again, and one raised a dagger over June, intending to kill her. I ran behind one, and cast color spray, knocking three of them unconscious.

Phaidan ran outside and got the rest of our group, we began a glorious battle against evil. At this point, I took a backseat in the battle after casting Mage Armor on myself. Ethett brought his great-katana down on a cultists head, killing him immediately, and Phaidan punched another so forcefully that his face broke in half. To everyone’s surprise, the guard turned out to be a cultist in disguise and attacked me. However, they were no match for our might, as foe after foe crumbled under our weapons. After the battle, Beltheor healed Phaidan and June, but June showed no signs of recovery.

Meeting the party

I don’t have much time right now, but I’ll say as much as I may. I must say I’m quite pleased with the people that it looks like I’m gonna be with for while… Only guy who seems a fair bit off is the Beltheor fellow. He kept tryin to take a sip of whiskey and would miss his mouth 90% of the time. I’m not too sure I’m gonna be completely comfortable with my life in the hands of a man barely as smart as a common crow. It could be quite enjoyable having him around, but I hope he doesn’t cause too many issues because his brain is the size of pea. He’s basically stabbing his quill pen into his paper as we speak. He seemed a wee bit disgusted by the fact that me and Anastrianna were together. Eh, I’m not even too sure if anyone here knows we’re together. Welp, I’ve got to be off, til’ next time.

Day 1: Beltheor

I cant writ very well, but ill try hard. I met my new friends today. I think they will be very gud. I dun know what to think ‘bout the ranger, he wasn’t there. That Monk, what was his name? Kitten sumthin… anyways this monk seems to be holy like me. we will make a gud team. That elf wizard is odd, i’ve never seen a real elf before. She’s a damn looker though, if I wasn’t a priest I’d be on her like the the gals from home in Durn. I think those looks will help if we need to charm any men. That sneaky bastard looks too sneaky, but I think he has a gud heart. Hopefully I’m rite. I did see him eye that elfen though, they better not do the beast with two backs while I’m around.

Day 1
On day one, we all met despite our ranger’s absence. It was here that while waiting for our final member to arrive, we took out our computers and bravely quested where few had before. Despite the occasional death, we were able to defeat over 200 kobolds and a troglodyte. Some time later our final member arrived, and we debated over who would take on the responsibility of the rogue. Using my superior charisma skills, I was able to deftly negotiate my way out, and settled on the monk class. Giles stepped up and took on the responsibility of our trap finder. It was then that we began to expertly craft our personal adventurers. Thought my monk has considerably less charisma than I do personally (my score is over 20, obviously), he still should be a vital member to our team. Along with him, we’ve a wizard, rogue, and cleric. A ranger should be joining us shortly, though we know nothing of him. We then took a break to feast on dough covered with cheese and various toppings. It was here that we began to think about names. I was almost a Kittenstouch, but thought Dewshining had a better ring to it. Due to a random generator, our wizard was almost named Neega Ilphukerr. It is unfortunate that we could not come to terms with this title. Here we also discussed our various roles and the pros and cons of our classes. After we finished dining, we continued to craft our characters and completed them after some time. It was then that we proceeded to the great website of Youtube to watch funny videos on the internet until we had to leave.

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