World info+Events

Campaign World Info

  • World name: Kotbolas
  • 2 distinct regions, north/south
  • 4 seasons 300 days 10 months
  • Sentient World is 4k years old, split into 5 cycles. more in ‘major events’
  • There are 7 days a week named Sweetmorn, Boomtime, Pungenday, Prickle-Prickle, and Setting Orange, St. Tib’s Day, Confluflux in that order.


  • Warmer Climate, 1st season: months 1-4, temperate with semi-freq storms; 2nd: lil colder months 5-6; 3rd: colder still months 7-9; 4th: very cold month 10
  • 100% undead controlled
  • Main City: Eritnes pop 20k
  • Geo: mostly forests and plains, the entire world has 2 big mountain ranges, one runs across the north, desert to the east (mid size),


  • Colder Climate, 1st: months 1-2, temperate; 2nd: months 3-5 colder but still temp; 3rd: cold 5-8; 4th: very cold 9/10
  • mostly undead controlled, small territory SW controlled by good forces
  • Main City (good): Retens pop 25k (gp limit as if pop 15k as much of city is poor); Main City (evil) Dromoss pop 30k
  • Geo: Denser forest than North, less plains, more mountains

Major Events

Events of the 1st Cycle
  • Creation of the World Calender
  • 1st meeting of the World Ministry
  • The Crown Wars, ending in the 1st king of Dromoss
  • The Great General, Boden Ironfist, conquers the world for Dromoss, and even sends part of his army across the sea (though they never returned).
  • Fall of the Pomarj (winners of the Crown Wars) and ending the 1st cycle
Events of the 2nd Cycle
  • The Beywolds win the 2nd Crown War
  • 2nd World Ministry
  • World Ministry takes control of Beywold ending the 2nd cycle
Events of the 3rd Cycle
  • Peasant revolt against the now corrupt WM (world ministry)
  • The Lightless Time (oppression by the WM)
  • Rebellion of The South, lead by the Pomarj. End of the 3rd Cycle
Events of the 4th Cycle
  • Age of Peace
  • Treaty between the Pomarj and the WM
  • Undead Armies descend from the North. End of the 4th Cycle
Events of the 5th Cycle
  • WM taken over by undead. WM expands borders to include all but the city of Retens
  • Current


  • Religion of the WM is the Worship of Nerull, though many worship lesser evil deities.
  • The Resistance, including Retens, worship a variety of deities of all alignments.

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World info+Events

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